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EDAR: Everyone Deserves A Roof

There are so many homeless on our streets.  The filth and garbage is ruining what was once beautiful land and stunning architecture.  We must help all who is affected by homelessness.  EDAR is not the solution, but it is part of the solution.  Please donate  here.

This is the EDAR.  Imagine the most needy of homeless having one to sleep in, keep their possessions in, and being able to take it with them when they go for essential services.  We give them to the homeless with one admonishment:  If someone takes it from you, let us know.  We will give you another.  Please donate here.

EDAR founder and co-inventor Peter Samuelson shows just how an EDAR works, and how easy it is.  Nobody should be sleeping on our streets or in our doorways.  EDAR works best in pre-determined areas that are adjacent to services like showers and sanitation.  That's where we deploy.  Please donate here.

Every EDAR is delivered with two bags of our #CovidKindness shelf-stable food and personal items.  Tuna, chicken, organic soups, carbs, Premier Protein drinks, snacks - as well as personal care items like toilet paper and masks.  We take care of our homeless!  Please donate here.

Why should you support us and donate to our EDAR campaign?  Because you are more empathetic than you are judgmental.  Your donation is tax-deductible, and it is needed desperately.  With the advent of the Delta variant - we find that the homeless are the first to suffer, and they do it silently.  Let's help them today.  Please donate here.

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