Help Them, Give Them Hope

CampEDAR T-Shirt


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CampEDAR are wonderful places that the homeless can chill, sleep, get basic services like sanitation and food, and also get counseling.  CampEDAR is a great place to start your journey transitioning a person back to society, or - just a stop on the road out of the way of business.  Now you get to wear the T-Shirt that says it all!

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Fighting hate and intolerance often requires a certain look. No matter what your culture, our quality black t-shirt shows where your true heart is - with all of Man/Kind. Our colorful outstretched hand speaks to peace and empathy. The open hand is a sign of peace to all of man and whoever might visit our troubled planet. We hold no weapons in our hand, and our heart is full of acceptance and tolerance. Are you cool wit dat? Of course you are!